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Lust In Human Form .:Male:. :iconkipetuakora:KipetuAkora 10 8
Shot at happiness
Once upon a time I pledged my loved to a girl
I loved her then
And I love her still
I had a shot at happiness
And yet I threw it away
Looked at it with a grimace
Pain it caused me to look away
Though you did not know it
I feel it each and every day
Words cannot describe the pain it caused me
I deserved it all and more, so
Please do not feel sorry for the person I have to be
I greet the sorrow
And welcome the grey
I live only for tomorrow
I do not know how you are doing
The only thing I know for sure
Is the earth is still moving
Many days I do regret
And though I try hard
In my dreams I cannot soon forget
I failed to be there for you in your darkest hour
Anything I have to say
In your ears turns sour
Life gave me the chance at sweetness
And I gave it away its true
My life is now filled with bitterness
I lost my shot at happiness
:iconxredwritinghood:xRedWritingHood 5 4
The Devil
Anger is like poison.
There's no reason.
You don't realize what you've done,
until the worst has begun.
You feel pain in your heart as revenge breaks you apart,
There's always a voice in my mind,
on days when there's no other choice other than being bound.
The devil takes over when I'm in no condition
and sometimes the damage he does.
is beyond recognition
:iconskullector:skullector 2 10
Inner Demon
I am a soul lost in the darkness
a cry from somewhere i cant really place
I see my soul shrouded in darkness
Only to see that my corruption
Had affected every1 around me
Everyone i could see
People whom i trusted i loved and i hate
All had accepted to my fate
They all lost hope
Even the dope cant save me
In my currrent state.
I tried my best to free myself
Only to get caught ,
Further in the darkness.
It crept to my heart and tainted my soul
A power so dark no human can behold
They either fight it or get engulfed in the lust
For power,greed,fame which ever  comes first.
Once caught theyre pitted against the other
It causes pain,misery and hurt which leads to fear.
Power doesnt cause corruption
The fear of losing it
Does cause hesitation for
Every good thing has come to an end
And people are always there to lend a hand.
Now I'm a soul in the darkness searching for a light
Hoping to clean it by the inner flame of might and
Will power.
Until then i hide with my soul getting tain
:iconskullector:skullector 6 9
The Depths of my Brain
You can not explain;
How sane /insane I can be;
But never the less we shall see.
At times I'm stupid;
At times I'm dumb;
But maybe I'm crazy and dumb;
But never the less we shall see.
But jus listen to me for what i have to say;
There's a msg behind it I'm trying to convey.
Your eyes are blind;
To the pains of humanity and mankind.
Your ears are deaf and made of lead;
Cos u can't hear a rustle of a leaf already dead;
Your mouths are dry, why?
Cos there no more water left to try.
Appreciate the beauty when u see it;
Cos it'll be gone before u know it.
Our minds are clogging;
Bcos of greed and mindless blogging.
We better not hood wink;
Cos we might as well be extinct.
We must not forget what we've done;
But don't constantly regret cos its no fun.
Move on and start a new beginning as people who care;
But try not to fight cos life is never fair.
If we dedicate ourselves and also have fun;
We've already won.
Be ready for the challenges u have to face;
Cos it dep
:iconskullector:skullector 6 2
When I wake up every morning
I ask myself what today going to be like?
Sometimes my inner self talks and tells me what to do
But mostly its silence
Like speaking to a wall of emptiness in yourself
Is it strange to think that I am alone
To think that I walk an empty road
With no life barren on either side
And a loneliness that slowly creeps in your mind
That you retreat to a cocoon  
that it makes others blind
When I travel to
The journey that should be enriching
That takes place every single day
Like the bustling of crowds or the screaming of children
Or heavy snores of exhausted people who travel most of their days
It becomes a chore
Is it strange that I cant relate to the concept of travel
Has become mechanical like the hands of a clock
That the train ride should make you feel alive
With wind bursting away all carefully combed hair
Instead I feel lost and scared when the wind hits
I cant relate to these feelings like ive fallen in a rut
I reach my univers
:iconskullector:skullector 2 0
My Pheonix
I want to scream
I cant vent because ill be judged
Cant keep it in because ill go insane
Cant let it out without scarring somebody
And the thought process that I'm bad
Its highly irritating
That I cant really  tell what im going through
And I don't explode I implode*
All I can feel is that my head is going to burst
Like a sledgehammer to open a bottle of nitro-glycerine.
I want to scream
cos I don't feel alive
There are things I want to do
Drive fast to feel the wind through my hair
But cant cos im supposed to wear a helmet
And roads are dangerous filled with mad macs
And heads smashed
I feel like crying but I cant cos im a Man
Men don't cry they take action
Devoid of emotions and feelings
Like a stone brick wall for even walls have feelings
But I often don't.
cos Im tired of myself
Tired of pleasing people
Tired of being pushed aside
Tired of being used  like used up
And thrown in the garbage can like used up water packet
And  tossed aside a
:iconskullector:skullector 3 10
I feel terror,
I hide in the shadows of my home,
My fear grips me like no other,
It chokes me and disallows me to breathe
It feels terrifying,
There are nightmares I get,
Full of horror,
And I wake up sweating,
Like a full blown workout,
My bed is drenched in cold sweat
Red streaks the walls of my room,
Feels like it was bleached in it.
There was a time I was free,
Free to be whoever I wanted,
A man of great potential
People would say,
Now that's a distant memory,
Im merely a shell of who I once was.
I feel nostalgic,
It started when I was married,
I was strong as an ox,
My wife was beautiful as an angel,
Sly as a fox and mean as the devils minion.
My work was my life,
My boss was tough as an ox,
She was very domineering,
I was humble and did her bidding,
This later became my undoing.
It was weird at first,
But my mind sensed something was wrong,
It felt wrong but she threatened to fire me,
And she did but she hired me as something else,
She came to my home and took a liking to my ange
:iconskullector:skullector 1 0
My Dad
Hes flying like the wind
flying like the birds
open your eyes
dont cry
hes watching us
We try and make him proud
every day i be the person he saw in me
A person of confidence,smart witty and sweet
A man of great privacy
an infectious laugh
an infectious personality
no person can ever replace him
no person can take his place
he was one of the greatest people ive ever known
As great as Alexander as quiet as Gandhi as famous as Steve jobs in his own way.
A man of great knowledge
great wisdom
God Why d you take him away before his time was due
Perhaps heaven has become too hectic
and you needed his organisational skills?
or perhaps indulging yourself with a kingfisher lager?
and you needed company
You have something planned i believe
and you need his wisdom
God, How i miss him
diagnosed him with cancer
ironically kinda reminds me of steve irwin and his demise,
But why celebrate his life instead of mourning his death
because he was a man of action and he walked the walk before talki
:iconskullector:skullector 2 1

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